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Welcome to webMeasure.

webMeasure has been redesigned and now fits on all mobile devices as well. So if you're at a bar and wanna know how much liter a gallon of beer is, use your mobile...

webMeasure converts the most common measurement units for you, including metric, imperial and US based values. With the menu icons on the top you can chose between linear, surface, volume and weight conversion. You can also chose other common sections where a conversion comes in handy once in a while, like clothing sizes.

webMeasure's computing bases on arithmetic programming which inludes rounding to a certain precision level. So some values might not appear exact due to that fact. webMeasure does not give any warranties for correctness.

If you like webMeasure, have a question or found a bug please visit the forum at Lewe.com.

Best regards,
George Lewe